Shocking!! As The mother of Nsukka Top act Valantine AKA (Mama Nsukka) Dies

Shocking!! As the mother of Nsukka top act dies

Shocking!! As the mother of Nsukka top act dies

This was how it happened

From a short interview, she woke up this morning fit and healthy she wasn’t complaining of any illness.. so she went to the market with my dad as usual to buy palm wine.which she has been selling for 12 years now. as they were at the market.. she started shouting her head her head .. not up to 30 seconds she collapsed and my dad took her to the hospital they said. they cant do anything about it, that she needs a brain surgery i was on the sick bed too reacting with some drugs before my dad called me and told me that my mom is dying. that we should come to ogonu hospital. that they need to go to enugu at memfys hospital.we took her there but they said they can treat her with out 2 million deposit so everybody was sucked. not up to 5 seconds.. my own sickness started getting worst.. my i had to call my dad to tell the driver to take me home from there.. he came.. just a sec i entered the car.. i didnt know were i am again.. i started vomiting. the sickness was out of hand. they drove me to another hospital.. i stayed on drips for hrs.. mean while my mom is still. there at memfys so i started getting my self around 5.we were discharged by 6..we went back to cary my mom from. memfys enugu to packlin enugu.. as we got there they said they dont have bed. no bed for us.. she is still unconscious that whole time this is around night. so we started. making calls. and we got another hospital… posh hospital.. at new heaven… we went there and they said it stroke.. so we said okey.. treat her. just revive her.. that was by 12.. yesterday.. we came back from enugu to nsukka by the next morning by 9 my mom died

More about the diseased

my mother's name is ozioko chiegonu Susana.. she is from elugu umabor eha_alumona in nsukka local gov.. she lost her mother wen she was 6 and she nursed her younger brother from there. she spent most of her time as a huslter.. she lived in a horrible place in ehalumona..

called egu ehalumona..

she is a woman full of energy and hard work.. she sold fresh palm wine and bush meat for over 12 years now…

she archived what 10 men can not achieve within the shot period of time she spent with us… she is was 100 times funnier than me… she can be too open she sees everybody as her son.. people call her mother of all

mother of the motherless

mother of the less privilege


she is that type of woman that will sleep happily.. when she must have maked sure you v eaten. not minding if she has eaten.. she will still be happy.. sleeping and smiling.. she belives in every bit of that word huslte… she hustle from birth.. she has this unforgettable face.. and cearing look. and smile.. she gives to you. even tho wen sje is sick.. and she she will still. make sure no body noticed it and she will still go out there and hustle to make sure everybody is okey. she is just one of  a kind



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