ALBUM: Lady Gaga – Chromatica

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Lady Gaga – Chromatica Zip Download

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Lady Gaga - Chromatica Zip Download
DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Lady Gaga – Chromatica Zip Download

The release of “Chromatica” is highly anticipated by fans as the pop star pushed its initial release date, which was supposed to return in April.

Lady Gaga got some messy when it comes to her next album, Chromatica.

First, the lead single, “Stupid Love“, leaked ahead of schedule. The album cover was leaked to the web prior to its official release and parts and pieces of songs surfaced online. Then they delayed the album because of the global epidemic. Fans are not sure whether to believe whether or not they are real because they know well these days.

For months, there were popular song lists for a Gaga album, but none of them were confirmed or rejected. Some fans ran with the rumors of cooperation before getting confirmation, including one with Ariana Grande, which looked like something certain for months. Each fan-made song list also included a track with BLACKPINK’s K-pop band as well as a song with Metallica’s rock band. After a while, most people realized that these fan lists were copying each other and who knew what was real and what was not? All we could have done was wait and see what Miss Gaga said – but when will that be?

Last week, there was another small incident involving chromatics. On the target site, they had the album available for pre-sale, although the new release date has not yet been revealed. Target did a little opsy though – they shared the back cover of the album, which had the full track listing, which the singer had not published. Uh!

Of course, the fans went into astonishment because some of their expectations were right! First, the duo confirmed with Ariana Grande – titled “Rain on Me” – was already on the album! Also in the mix there was a rumored track with a BLACKPINK (!!!!) song called “Sour Candy” as well as a long-rumored “Babylon” song (from which you can hear an excerpt from the Haus Labs ad). Unfortunately (for some people, I think), there will be no rock moment with Metallica, but there was something better: a duo with Elton John.

Lady Gaga Chromatica Full Album Tracklist

01. Lady Gaga – CHROMATICA I
02.Lady Gaga – ALICE
03. Lady Gaga – STUPID LOVE
04. Lady Gaga – RAIN ON ME ft. Ariana Grande
05. Lady Gaga – FREE WOMAN
06. Lady Gaga – FUN TONIGHT
07. Lady Gaga – CHROMATICA II
08. Lady Gaga – 911
09. Lady Gaga – PLASTIC DOLL
10. Lady Gaga – SOUR CANDY w/ blackpink
11. Lady Gaga – ENIGMA
12. Lady Gaga – REPLAY
13. Lady Gaga – CHROMATICA III
14. Lady Gaga – SINE FROM ABOVE w/ Elton John
15. Lady Gaga – 1000 DOVES
16. Lady Gaga – BABYLON

Weeks before its scheduled release on April 10, Gaga wrote in a statement: “After much deliberation, I made a very difficult decision to postpone the Chromatica release and I will announce a new release date for 2020 soon.”

She added that she prefers her fans to focus on finding solutions to the current global epidemic.

Lady Gaga spent the majority of March and April fundraising for the World Health Organization to help the COVID-19 relief fund, organizing the One World: Together at Home party to deliver the much needed show to the world.

Lady Gaga – Chromatica Zip Download

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