Interview: Nwadialu Chisom Precious A.k.a Crown Prince Live on Iknowbakerr Tv

Nwadialu Chisom Precious A.k.a Crown Prince
Nwadialu Chisom Precious A.k.a Crown Prince

Nwadialu Chisom Precious : Today we have a Question and Answer session with South East artiste Crown Prince. He Answers some personal and hilarious questions in amazing and controlled manner, expect this beast from him.


What is ur name,what country are u from,what’s Ur tribe and whats ur religious faith?
Ans : My Name is Nwadialu Chisom Precious Am from Ihitel, Ihiala LGA of Anambra state .
Are u married,single or are u in a complicated relationship?
Ans : i am 100 percent single
Are u an independent free lancer artist or are u signed to any record label ?
Ans : Am signed Record Company
whats dee name of dee label ur signed to and how did dey find u or u found them whichever?
Ans : Buzz Music Empire (BME) it was created my by Elder Brother wisdom so is definitely a family business
what’s ur background?
Ans : I’m from a family of 5 boys and 1 girl and I happen to the Second child of the family
As an artist wat inspires u to do wat u do and wat message do u intend to send out tru ur work?
Ans : Everything around me is an inspiration to me and I want my music to be dat song u listen at anytime with good massage ,both love ,street,etc
How has Ur experience as an artist and ur experiences generally on Ur journey to the mainstream affected Ur style,did it change anything if yes Please share with the viewers watching u/listening to u right now and Ur fans too!..
Ans : Hmm no it didn’t change anything cause till tomorrow I still visit the street the ghetto where I came from and I have been a loyal and humble guy from days one
what schools did u attend and the course u studied during ur university days..?.
Ans : i am an undergraduate couldn’t conclude my studies cos of some reasons
what’s ur genre of music or re u a multi dimensional artist?.
Ans : I don’t do 1 style of music am multi dimensional artists and Producer
what’s ur strongest memory of ur childhood?
Ans : When I stole my mum’s money to buy Music cos I wanna be a great artiste
what’s ur scariest experience?
Ans : Its Music  Production
Describe a real-life situation that inspired u?
Ans : No comment
What’s ur most embarrassing moment?
Ans : Cant recall
What jobs have u done other than being an artist?
Ans : I’m a song writer,instrumentalist,music Producer,was once a choir master too in a big church here in Nigeria
what memorable responses have u had to work as an artist?
Ans : nil
what food,drinks,song inspires u?
Ans : I don’t have a Favorite
Your favorite artists and artists u would love to work with in the future?
Ans : they are plenty ooo
Your disfavored artist and why if there be any reasons?
Ans : nil
Who’s your female artist or celebrity crush and why?.
Ans : Shayi Shay I love her so much cos she’s exceptional
Name 1 or 2 or more artists u would love to be compared to?
Ans : P-Square
What wouldn’t u do without?
Ans : air of course
What is the best piece of advice have u ever received as a human being and who was it given bye?
Ans : cant Recall
Where do u inspire to be in future and what’s ur message or advice to other upcoming future generational artists out there?..

Ans : I see myself being the world best in years to come by Gods grace .and to the other artiste out there Keep hustling cos legit hustle pays thanks

Thank You very much for sharing,

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