Will Todays Debate & Presidential Candidate Who Participate Determine Your Vote

Just got the information that the PDP presidential aspirants, in a new publication, have made the decision that of the presidential candidate of the APC – president Muhammed Buhari refuses to attend todays debate the Former Vice president, Atiku Abubakar will also not be attending.

Further, they quoted the statement of Professor Itse Sagay, that the president will not debate all other candidates that they are political dwarfs, when compared to Muhammed Buhari, this to the PDP is an abberation that won’t be taken for granted.

This statement alone in saner climes if spoken by an incumbent automatically means he is not ready for governance. All of a sudden some Nigerians are saying that the PDP candidate never had any plan of attending the debate – though the past weeks several communications from the Atiku Campaign team and the PDP have made it clear that they are ready to attend the debate.

What then is the need for attending the debate when the Major candidate is not going to be there, the same party that refused participation, will use the policies discussed by others the next day, and declare that it’s all lies.

Whether we like it or not, the PDP and the APC are the major contenders, that they will be any surprises time will tell.

It’s Mediocrity, when you support that your candidate won’t attend and you make it compulsory for others to attend, so that you can look for their mistakes and errors.

Vote Sincerely, If you are truly undecided, because the Political parties have forecasted that it won’t change a thing.


The majority of the current crop of politicians whether in PDP or APC belong to the OLD ORDER set up by PDP in 2009 and nurtured over 16 years. This order is rooted in negative ideology characterized by selfishness, deceit, corruption, money politics, lack of functional development ideas, etc. The ease and smoothness with which they defect in the morning, return in the afternoon, and redefect in the evening illustrate this.

We need to create a NEW ORDER that will be driven by knowledge, service, sacrifice, critical ideas, shrewd management and
accountability, entrepreneurship, human resources development, etc.

☆ President Buhari belongs to neither of the two Orders. He has a straightforward and strong personality but lacks the contemporary mindset. He detest the OLD ORDER but only has slight affinity with the NEW ORDER through his Vice President.
☆ However, inspite of his shortcomings, Buhari presently represents the ONLY strong pillar of DISRUPTION needed to disorganise and disorientate the OLD ORDER as much and long as possible. This is the only effective way to create a window of level-playing field for the enthronement of the NEW ORDER .
☆In the absence of this disruption, the OLD ORDER will come back stronger and Nigeria will get worse.

2019 election is a battle for the soul of Nigeria. A battle to dethrone the ugly past and create a leeway for the glorious future.

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