Some Education On Dealing With Snake Bites

Snake bites are one of the deadliest form of accidents that occur in the tropics. It is important we know how to differentiate poisonous from non poisonous snakes. 
Knowing if the snake that bit someone is poisonous or not could be the difference between life and death. This photo tells how to differentiate between the bites of both. 

It is also necessary a person with a snake bite does not panic. Tie the affected area to reduce blood flow from the area to the heart and seek immediate medical attention. Sucking out the poison could be dangerous!

The Cobra is one poisonous snake that is found in Africa and Asia. In this short clip, Adael the Creature Teacher, a wildlife wizkid who is just 11 years old tells us more about snakes. Watch attentively. You might just learn a fact or two you could use to save a life someday.

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