Agas Melissa Amarachi the winner of THE HUMANITARIAN QUEEN 2018 Contest, shares her experience so far in an Interview with 2Kinfomedia.


2KCan you please introduce yourself ?

QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: My name is Agas Melissa Amarachi, well about my educational background,I attended Field crest High school WHERE I was a boarder from year one to year five. I wrote my common entrance examinations and left to a new school Picfleur Montessori high school Warri Delta state where I did my Js1 to Ss3 I wrote my waec examinations and left for college in Igbinedion University Okada Edo state studying Mass Communication and am in my 200level.


2K : Can you tell us about the Pageant ‘’Miss Humanitarian Queen Nigeria’’ ?

QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: The pageant humanitarian Queen Nigeria is not just any regular pageant it is one that helps beautiful, young, and aspiring girls showcase their beauty, talent, passion and love to help the society. This pageant focuses more on improving the lives of various individuals from different diversities in any area they need assistance be it financially emotionally psychological and so on giving all of these to the society and still show casing their beauty as a Queen to the world who are watching.


2K : What motivated you to join the Contest ?

QUEEN Melissa Amarachi:  I was motivated to join the THQ pageant due to my love for helping the needy and less privilege and this passion of mine really became a must do when I went for one of my dearest friend traditional marriage which was held in their village I went there a day before the whole show and I had the opportunity to do some sight seeing around the community as I love to explore,to my greatest suprise I saw kids drinking water directly from a dirty stream where at the other side some were bathing, washing,excreting and the rest i got so emotional seeing this as I know this will be harmful to the health of these people not only that i saw children eating with their hands without even washing their hands and eating directly to their mouth I felt so bad and disappointed in this recent age people are still not aware of some certain dangers to health that prompted my search for a pageant organization who is mainly involved in helping and giving assistance to the society in order to help me fulfill some of my dreams to help people and so I saw  THQ as a great platform for me to achieve some of my dreams of helping others.


2K: Who inspired you to be a Model ?

QUEEN Melissa Amarachi:  I was inspired to become a model by seeing great ladies like Kendal Jenner, Bella Hadid and so on walk the runways with great confidence in them.
2K: What was your prize as the winner of the Contest ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: I won a car ,a trip to Ghana, Face / Ambassador for itel mobile Nigeria ( my official shoots will be out by the end of the week), 1.5million naira and so many other benefits.
2K: How has the experience been so far as a Queen ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: The experience has been amazing,from the camp, through the competition and now winning and having alot of people supporting me is the most amazing experience I could ever get. Am grateful for been THQ winner.
2K: Describe yourself in three adjectives and explain why ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: In three adjectives I will say am Caring, Beautiful and Hardworking. Caring because I don’t seeing  people around me going through difficulties , my Mum made me beautiful because she’s beautiful (LAUGHS), hardworking because my Mum also made me to  realize that hard work is the key to success.
2K: As a reigning queen what pet project are you handling ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: The pet project am currently handling and organizing is how to affect the lives of not just a range of individuals but crosses all categories,is about bringing good health care to rural areas.
2K: What skills do you think are important for choosing a career in modeling ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi:  Hard work, passion and dedication.
2K: Who is your favorite Designer ? 
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: My favourite designer is Rikaotobyme, as we all know she designed the dress I wore on my Pageant.
2K: Okay, So How has the journey been so far ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: It has been very hectic, at some point  I  thought of dropping out of the competition but  my friends encouraged  me to stay in the race and challenge myself out of my comfort zone and now winning was great but i also know great responsibilities are ahead of me as they say “heavy is the head that wears the crown”
2K: Do you have any Model icon ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi:  Yes, Kendall Jenner.
2K: What is your view about modeling in Nigeria ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: Modeling in Nigeria is doing great every year, it gets bigger and better I think we growing fast and belonging completely already.
2K: Have you chosen modeling as your full career ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: No. I dont want to confine myself to an area, I want to step out of my comfort zone.
2K: What are your plans for the future  ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: In the future I would like  to go deeper into the Movie industry and maybe music too, I also want to go into the Big Brother house and also work as a Mass communicator that I am, hosting big events all over the world.
2K: What is your advice for aspiring models ?
QUEEN Melissa Amarachi: My advice for aspiring models is that they should never give up like i almost did. The road to success is narrow so they should always push themselves higher to attain the height they want.
Photo Credit: Opera Empire Entertainment

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