As we all know, Onitsha is the commercial nerve center of Anambra State and Nigeria, the city that gave us the largest market in West Africa and Africa as a whole. This City has been neglected so much that it desperately cries for a face lift.

With the Governor His Excellency Willie Obiano at the helm of affairs, the local and state governments has formulated sound environmental course of actions and principles that has revived Onitsha but this alone cannot give Onitsha the real face lift and solve her problems without Federal Governments impact in the City. This is possible because it will attract new businesses and capitalists who will be willing to invest in the city and as well, spend some time there. Not only that the improvement will facilitate business activities; it will also help to position Onitsha as a Mecca of business and tourism in Nigeria and Africa at large.

A city that had produced great legal and political bigwigs like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sir Louis Mbanefo and others, who were in vanguard of Nigeria’s independence struggle and actualization, cannot be left in this condition because the City has for long lacked a credible voice that can air her needs.

One of the main face lift that has Eluded the City of Onitsha is a functional River Port. Just few weeks ago the Kaduna Dry Port was commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari and as at this moment, the port is operational. We are really fed up & saying enough is enough to Politicians who will always use Onitsha Port as Political Carrot during their Campaigns. This has to stop and that is why the people of Onitsha needs to be very careful who they send to represent them. The best brains, with Carisma, Courage and fearless individuals who has been tested & trusted has to be given our Mandate this time so as to push greatly for what we deserve as a Business City.

One of Onitsha best Brains in the person of Hon Bar Chugbo Enwezor ( OdezuluIgbo ) who is seeking to represent the good people of Onitsha North & South at the Green Chambers in 2019 highlighted the River Port needs of Onitsha & in his posit he said that there is need to gazette this port and include it into the global shipping map so that customs and other relevant agencies can move in immediately to enforce economic activities. Apart from the massive revenue and employment for Ndi Onitsha the port will create, there will be massive development of inland waterways of host communities as well.

Hon Bar Chugbo Enwezor further said that abandoning the port for over five years after its completion and inauguration, was as a result of not having a vibrant representation for Ndi Onitsha at the Green & Red Chambers, adding that shippers in the area and the people are now becoming impatient over the neglect of the port.

The Representatives of Ndi Onitsha at the Reps & Senate need no extra mandate than the power already derived from the people as reinforced in the constitution. They must therefore be people who will not allow the Government at the Center Peace until what is due for Onitsha is given to them. This can be done only by those who have the welfare of Onitsha at heart and that is where the ODEZULUIGBO factor comes to play.

Let it not be said that we have our Best brains in Onitsha and then send individuals who will not fight for our course but for their own personal interest.

Hon Chugbo Enwezor is equal to the task. Let’s give OdezuluIgbo the mandate & Onitsha will surely experience huge face lift.

Awka, Anambra State.

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