Debut Mixtape by The Awknd Scribe (Sugar rushing through my head)

“my mind is a dark room/
It’s empty but here fear rules”

There’s no better way to start such detailed mixtape than the above opening lines. The Awknd Scribe tells his narrative skillfully on this record with youthful angst yet a sense of purpose.

 SRTMH is a story of hurt, growing up, pain, addiction, and redemption. In it we see Scribe lay out his heart and let us take a peek.

 Download the individual tracks below or better still, download the whole zip file. There are only two rules for this project; 
i) Listen to the whole thing at once, and ii) listen in the right sequence; it is a musical ‘book’.

Download Tracks:

 Chapter 1: my mind is a dark room (prologue) 
Chapter 2: elementary innocence 

  •  Chapter 3: Identity Crisis
  •  Chapter 4: Juvenile Delinquent
  •  Chapter 5: Erotika (Explicit)
  • Chapter 6: Legacy
  • Chapter 7: Melancholia
  • Chapter 8: Who Is He?
  • Chapter 9: Alone. Unlonely (Epilogue)



    Twitter: @TheAwkndScribe

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