She’s a wife material- Nigerian who married an older White woman claims.

 A US-based Nigerian man, Muiz Adebiyi, is becoming more famous after his wedding photos with an older American woman, Susan Smith, went viral online, he openend up on why he took the decision to marry an older partner, his experience in the over two-year-old marriage and many more.

Here are excerpts according to Punch Newspaper;

What attracted you to your wife despite the obvious disparity in your ages?
I am attracted to her because she is very cool, loving, understanding and protective. She has a better behaviour than slay mamas.

How long did you know her before you proposed?
We had known each other for two years before we decided to get married three years after.

Was there any initial opposition from either your family or hers?
There were issues like that but our family members later understood that age is just a number and that love does not have limit. We are quite in love and happy with ourselves.

What is the exact age difference between the two of you?
I will not disclose that.

What profession are you into?
I am a soccer player and also a car dealer.

When there are disagreements between the two of you, who apologies first?
We both apologise when there are disagreements. But she does that first and more than I do because she is a wise wife who knows that the husband is the head of the house. She knows what marriage means.

Some people would expect you to marry a younger lady.  How would you react to that view?
I usually do not reply them because they do not know what love is all about. Everybody has their choice. I know that some will praise us and some will not.

Has there been any embarrassing moment on account of your marriage to her?
No, there has been no such thing.
Tell us about her.
She is a nurse and from the United States of America. She is a short person but with a high intellect. She is quite understanding and the best woman in my life after my mother.
Some people believe you chose her to get a permanent stay or something related. What do you have to say to that?
Yes, I know that most people will think that way. But I do not care because I was already a US citizen and that’s not from her.

Was she ever married?
Yes, she was married.

Africans are particular about children. Did you put that into consideration in making your decision?
It is a self-decision and that does not concern anyone.

You called some people haters while celebrating the second anniversary of your marriage on Facebook recently. Who are they and what roles did they play in the entire affair to be so labelled?
I will not disclose that.

Does she speak Yoruba?
Yes, she speaks Yoruba.
Having dated a Nigerian lady and now married to an older American, what comparison can you make between the two?
My wife is far better than Nigerian ladies in every positive way. She is a wife material.