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That night, as I was waiting for Kosisochukwu to come to my lodge, I saw Ebuka, Chidimma and Ebube glancing through the books in their room.

They are not in the same department neither are they in the same level, so I was really confused because I didn’t know what they were preparing for, I was curious and my curiosity pushed me to ask them…
“Ewu gba shoe, wetin  una they prepare for? Dis  one all of una just de read. Ebube shouted, “we dey prepare for BRAIN BATTLE oooh! But just before he could explain further, Kosisochukwu, the girl I had been waiting for entered.
As I was about to leave with Kosisochukwu, I turned around and said to Ebube, “Ewu gba shoe, abeg u go explain that stuff later na”. As I put my hand around kosi’s waist and led her into my room.

“Bia! this one you de hold my waist like this? Na BRAIN BATTLE I wan prepare for for your room oooh. Abeg put on generator”, Kosi said.
 “Hmmm abeg kosi mu wetin be this BRAIN BATTLE I de hear every where?, I asked.

She took off her sweater and trouser, leaving on her just a pair of bum shorts and singlet. And then she began to explain, ” BRAIN BATTLE  is one of the excellent packages of FABULOUS IDEAL MAGAZINE , it is a quiz competition which is aimed at paying back to the society, the winners will  be awarded with  scholarship, free accommodation, a huge amount of money and a lot of other gifts. Kwasi love, do you know what got me interested in this competition? It is because there will be A lunch with  Fabulous Ideal Magazine and also consolation prizes for over 200 participants.  At least I go chop better lunch, and I know say I fit follow for the people wey go go house with the consolation prizes. And as I intelligent reach, I fit follow for the winners, since dey go get overall winner and then winners from each faculty in Unizik.

This got me thinking, because I could remember that ‘Asomacs Who wants to be a millionaire’, Romeo’s ‘Asomacs writers challenge’  and also ‘FOSSSA intellect’ paid all those who participated well.

I was still thinking about BRAIN BATTLE when Kosi took the towel on my bed and proceeded to the bath room to take her bath so as to feel refreshed for the task ahead. And as I was busy ransacking her bag, I saw a flyer about the competition. It had on it…

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