Amazing!!! Here’s Dr. Tony Nwoye’s plan for Anambra Youths; indeed he has the Youth at heart!


The major aim of this scheme is to create jobs for youths in Anambra State through Private-Public partnership, equip our youths with the skills to compete in the job market within and outside the state, reduce the burden on parents and families and to get our youths off the street. This scheme is not new but has never been practiced in Nigeria or Anambra State. This is the bedrock of the success in Youth Job creation recorded in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Spain and most of the countries in Europe. We want to introduce it in Anambra State to record the same success and to help our youth


1. All unemployed youths between the ages of 18 – 35 will register free of charge to an Anambra State Agency that will be called THE JOB BUREAU. This agency will have offices in all the 21 LGA’s of the state where these youths will be registered. The Job Bureau will be under the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Youths
2. There will be a case officer created for every Job applicant in each of the LGA’s. One case officer will handle a maximum of 20 youths.
3. At least 20 case officers will be employed by this JOB BUREAU and will be trained on how to help job seekers and how to negotiate jobs on behalf of the youth and employers
4. There will be an allowance of at least N5000 every month from the State Government to all registered job seekers in the Program to enable them to seek for jobs on their own and make contacts with employers where necessary. This is done today in Germany, Denmark, Belgium and even South Africa
5. There will be monthly job training in all the 21 LGA’s to coach youths and job seekers on how to develop their CV’s and their skills

NEW START JOB: Employers will get economic incentives from the State Government in terms of Tax Reductions/ Tax holidays whenever they employ a fresh graduate in the state or someone who graduated within the last 5 years. This is called New start job and is practiced in many countries in the west. Sweden and Norway have recorded tremendous success with this scheme
HOLIDAY JOBS FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS. This programme will be controlled by THE JOB BUREAU. It will be divided into two

A. HOLIDAY JOB will be exclusive to students from SS1, both male and female. These students will be sent to Government institutions or private companies to work during the period of their long vacation. The maximum number of months to work will be two months but a student can work for less if he or she wishes. For every student that will be employed under this scheme, my administration will pay N15,0000 naira per month to such student and a THANK YOU LETTER signed by my hand and delivered to the ministry of youth to be given to the student on the completion of this work.

B. INTERNSHIP will be open to all students, both male and female from JSS 1. Unlike Holiday Jobs, those under this scheme will work fewer hours and should not be allowed to work for more than one month so as not to be exploited by some employers. They will be posted to both public and private institutions including private companies. The students under this category will be paid N15,000 at the completion of this programme and a letter sent to them and signed by me as those in the category (A) above

GRANTS TO COMPANIES THAT EMPLOY YOUTHS. The companies that employ youths in both the holiday jobs, internship and fresh graduate’s schemes will be encouraged by the Government through provision of incentives, grants, and tax reductions to encourage them to employ more youths

GENDER EQUALITY: Both the Student Programme and the Fresh Graduate Scheme will follow due process in its selection and a strict adherence for gender equality. Both male and female youths/students will be evenly selected and no gender will be treated as superior over another. My administration will respect the rights of the girl-child and that of their male counterparts

CREDIBLE SELECTION PROCESS. To ensure credibility during the stages of the selection process, we will ensure that no government official will be involved in the process. The selection committee in each of the 21 LGA.S will be comprised of people of integrity, church leaders, elders, Town Unions etc. They will only forward the names to the BUREAU office in the LGA after the selection has already been done. To ensure equality, gender must also be respected in the committee that selects these youths.

CONCLUSION: This Scheme will require commitments from all Anambrarians, the government and the public sector inclusive. As a former Student/Youth leader, I knew what we passed through after graduation and I honestly do not desire our youths to pass through this same difficult process. I want to change this, I want our youths to get something better, I want them to be proud and have confidence in themselves and be worthy ambassadors of this state within and outside the country. I cannot walk this road alone, I NEED YOUR SUPPORT


This message is from Dr. Tony Nwoye and the ICT to the General Public.

Courtesy of the AFA PRESS TEAM 

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