5 Things that predict Break up in Relationships. (Proven Facts)

Break-up; Img source Pixabay

Below are  five things that can tell if you and your partner will Break up in no distant  time
1. Professes undying, overwhelming love at first sight (he doesn’t really know you yet; only his fantasy of you!)
2. Seem too good to be true. Always interested in exactly what you are interested in, agrees with you, does what you want to do. Never fights with you. This guy is not being his real self with you!
3. Seems to be resentful and angry at his ex, the world, his boss and/or others. (a judgmental, angry guy!)
4. Lies to you, even if it is a “small lie.” Slippery. Answers a question with another question. (Probably is or will be a cheater!)
5. Drinks/uses non-prescribed drugs frequently, or in escalating quantities. An alcoholic or addict will not able to consistently be there for you.

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