Upcoming comedian Prince Neche could feature in jjc skillz movie if supported.

INDUSTREET, a story written by the popular talented upcoming comedian Prince Neche which unveils the hidden truth about the happenings in the entertainment industry from, award shows, to beauty pageants, concerts etc. The story has currently bagged him the award of campus author/writer of the year. 
Not settling down for just that Prince Neche is hoping on getting endorced  by JJC skills in his upcoming movie titled INDUSTREET. The movie is said to feature Funke Akindele and freeze. Prince Neche humbly asks for support from fellow Nigerians in helping to overcome his dream.
“Dear @funkejenifaakindele and @jjcskillz , Good morning ooo. I know you people are very busy and may never see this letter or even if you see it, may not have time to read it. But I pray that you see it and you read it.
My name is Prince Neche, an up and coming stand up comedian, actor and writer trying so hard to make it in the industry. 
December 29th last year, I wrote an article titled “INDUSTREET” about the happenings of the entertainment in Awka, the capital of Anambra state which is my small locality. This write up somehow went viral around here even to the point of winning an award. After which, I turned it to a full book which is going through editing and proof reading at the moment. 
This brings me to the main aim of this letter. I have heard about your own INDUSTREET and I am eagerly waiting for the premiere on 26th may.
I trust the FUNKE AKINDELE brand and with a producer like JJCSKILLS, the world is in for a joyride. 
My actual aim of this letter is a request-As an upcoming act that has not yet found the appropriate platform to show the world my talent, if you people can show me some love, it will go a long way to help my dreams. 
I know that by now, the name INDUSTREET would have been registered, and it would seem a little awkward for me to publish my book. What I am asking for is for you people to help me, even if na to dey sell recharge card for the film, or help me to blow my book small by approving it and writing the foreword of the book. If you even do the two for me, e no go bad. 
I can’t even claim to be the originator of the name or content because I know that before people like you do things, they would have incubated it for quite a long time. 
I am simply elated that my mind can conceive on a small scale what yours conceived on a large scale. Anyway, some of us think according to the money in their account. 
Finally, I want to believe that you guys will come through for me. This might just be how God has decided to use you people to bless my life. 
Thanks and God bless”
Guys help me tag them… 
Let’s assist our Prince Neche in achieving his dreams. 

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