Episode 4

“What is that you want to say to me?”, I said with light on my face hoping my dreams are going to be true now. “Can you please stay with my mum for next two days at the hospital? You know that they are your lecture free days. I have serious project to work with my group members. My face fell immediately. It was not funny at all. “If you can’t, there is no problem. I will just figure something out”, he said. “No! No, I will do it. It is fine. I will do that. What are friends for?” He pulled me into a hug ,raining praises on me. I pulled out of the hug because I was almost running out of breath. The bell rang. Lunch time is over. So, we went for religion class. Oh I hate this class I barely passed it. Jason pov Why the hell did I kiss cherry? Gosh, I really missed her, her lips is so soft on mine. I am so glad that she didn’t talk about. I would have freaked out. Oh man! You are so lame you can’t tell her that you love her. I knocked myself hard. I need to dress up fast and take Cherry to the hospital. I wondered why mum insists on me being in a lodge instead of coming to school from home. Home is just an hour drive. Marie pov I saw my son walk with a beautiful damsel. This is the first time. He never brings friends home not even male ones. That’s interesting. “Hello mum”. He kissed her forehead. “How are doing?” “I am fine”. I raised my head giving him a who- is- she-look. “Oh! Mum, she is Cherry my best friend, Cherry meet my mum”. “Good evening, ma. How are you doing?” “Evening, my child. I am fine, dear. Hope school is moving on fine”. “ Yes ma”. She said shyly. “Mum, Cherry will stay with you for two days. I have a project to handle at school. My group is already behind schedule because of me.” “That’s unfair. Cherry must be busy too”. “No, she is free and she agreed to help. So don’t push it further because Cherry and I have decided on that before coming. Right?” Jason turned to Cherry. “Yes, ma you don’t have to worry. I am really free.” I nodded in agreement, Jason won’t agree otherwise. He waved at me and went outside with Cherry. She looks like a good girl, I thought. My son must have trusted her so much to take care of me. Jason will never stop surprising me. She enters with smiles on her face. She unpacked the food stuffs, fruits and beverages that she came with. She really bought a lot. “You really don’t have to buy all these. I bet that these are from your pocket money. It is for you and school stuffs not for feeding me. The ones that Jason bought are still in the cupboard”. “It is nothing. I still have enough money with me. I really don’t mind getting them. You are my best friend’s mum so you are also my mum”. Her words brought peace to me. I opened my hands and hugged.” You are really a God-sent to my family. Thanks for being my son’s fiend”. She nodded happily. Cherry pov She is asleep already, I said as I came out of the restroom. I am so glad that Jason left immediately and it hasn’t well since after the kiss. I really feel awkward around him. My phone rings jerking me out of my thought. The caller ID really shocked me. John!!! I can’t believe this. Why does he always call at odd times? He is a mood spoiler. I was just thinking about Jason. Gosh! John pisses me off. I picked up the call because he won’t stop until I did. John: why are not picking? I called like fucking many times before you picked. You surely piss me off. Just twice that you called, you fool! Me: sorry, I was in the restroom. John: ok babe, how are you? Hope school is good? Me: I am fine. School is great. John: you don’t call me as often as before. I thought that I did something to upset. What’s the problem? Oh so you noticed stupid! Me: nothing. I have just been busy with school stuff. John: ok just try to be calling often. Goodnight babe. Love you The line went dead before I could say anything. This guy always gets on my nerves. It is over a month since we talked. John is one of the parts of me that I don’t want Jason to know maybe I will tell him later. My phone beeped. A message from Jason. Hope you are fine. Hope mum is fine. Goodnight I didn’t want to disturb you that is why I didn’t call. I am still awake but I won’t respond his message I feel so awkward around him these days. I sat on the chair hoping that Jason will really ask me out even if it is in my dreams, it will be so lovely I thought smiling sheepishly to myself. Hey readers, I was really excited to write this episode. I felt so bad for Cherry she thought that Jason will ask her out. Too bad!!!. Jason what’s your problem why did you kiss her if you won’t ask her out? You are so mean!!!. That’s what runs in your mind. I can read minds. Don’t hate him please; he is just scared of what I don’t know. Let’s see how it goes. Don’t forget to comment and share to your friends. See you next week.