Episode 3

We exchanged pleasantries. Went to eat at the restaurant. It was all good. Jason phone rang. He went out to answer it. This is a good time to relax a bit. I was so tensed up at the restaurant. I really love him but why can’t he say that to me first. He can’t just be my best friend. He is good to me but I want more. It may sound greedy but I want a label to us. My thoughts was interrupted as Jason called my name. ” I am leaving earlier, I got a call from home”,said Jason. ” Hope there is no problem” .”No, just mum’s call” . Oh I just remembered he is mum’s love ever since his father left them. I understand him. I escorted him out and returned back to my food on the table. ***********★************************★********** At Jason’s home. Jason’s mum, Marie is seen crying. “Mum, what’s the matter? Who or what made you like this?”. I can understand why she is crying uncontrollable. ” Son, he came here again”, Marie said. Instantly, I knew ‘he’ meant my dad no her husband. I try to console my mum. Let’s talk about my dad. We should to be a very happy family until the day my dad lost his job. From drinking to keeping late nights to beating mum. This went on for months till mum couldn’t endure more. We left the house for him buy somehow he found our new address. He threatened mum and collected her money and valuables. This made u to remove some valuables away from the house if he comes unexpectedly. He always comes without notice. He just hurt my mum again. I really can’t stand this anymore I am waiting to save enough for my mum’s divorce case . It will be a lot easier if the law steps in. Police has no really helped because he bribes his way off. ” Mum, it’s okay . Everything will be alright soon.Trust God.” Thank God she has slept. Phone rings. The caller ID was Cherry. Oh! I forgot to tell her that I arrived safely. Cherry: Hi Me: Hi Cherry: How is mum? Hope everything is alright . Me: Not really. Dad came as usual and caused her to cry. But she is OK. Cherry: Hey!! Jason you should have told me . I would have followed you home. Thank God she is fine now. How are you? Me: I am not really good but I will be fine. (Your voice made it so. I said to myself). Cherry: OK I am happy . Goodnight see you tomorrow. Hope you will come . Me: Yes, I will Sweet dreams. The line went dead. A kind of peace came upon me. This girl really keeps me at peace. Whenever she calls my name, I moan in happiness. I can’t wait to go back to school tomorrow. Hope dad doesn’t come back for a while. It will be good. ***************★**************★****************** At school It is a new week and a Monday. The school compound is filled with students moving up and down rushing for classes. Friends chatting and laughing. ” He said he will come but over a week I haven’t seen or heard from him. I wish I knew his home”, I murmured to myself. I dragged myself along the corridor to go for music class. I couldn’t even grab any thing that Ms Wong said. Her Chinese toned English didn’t help the matter. At last lunch time has come. I walked through the corridor on my way to the school restaurant. A hand tapped my shoulder. Oh my! Jason! I screamed and hugged him passionately. He hugged me back .I missed him so much. I left lips on my lips. 💋💋💋 Jason is kissing me. I kissed him back without thinking. He ran his hands on my back while my hands were running his hair making it a mess. We finally broke up from the kiss. ” I missed you so much. I am so sorry that I didn’t called. Mum had a heart attack. I was with her all through. I am so sorry. Please will you forgive me?”, He said. I was standing with my mouth open and with a face showing no particular expression. I don’t know whether I should yell at him or what. ” It is alright”. The words flew out on its own. I felt awkward realizing that we just kissed. I wanted to ask him why he kissed me but I didn’t. ” How is your mum?” ” She is still better,her condition is stabilized”. ” I am so sorry. We should see her after OK?” We went for lunch together. At lunch , I didn’t talked much. I was just pondering why he kissed me like that. We ate the food in utmost silence. But , why is he saying nothing about it . ” I have something to tell you, Cherry.” My heart fluttered. Does he want me to be official his girlfriend. I let out a small grin, knowing that my dream has come true.

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