Episode 2: Exciting stories that are mind blowing.

Episode 2 

 My phone rang. It was Cherry. I was shocked because I hadn’t expected her to call me so soon. Cherry: hi Me: hi Cherry: how was your day? Me: it was splendid and yours? Cherry: it was all great. I called just to check upon you. Me: *smiling happily* : yeah, that’s good to hear. Cherry: Alright, see you later at school. Me: OK bye. My bones melted just knowing that she called although it didn’t last long but I was so pleased. Her voice sounded so angelic on phone. It really captivated my spirit. I was happy that she called. Why haven’t I had the courage to ask her out officially? I really hate this best friend bullshit. “When will I ever take a step?”, I said to myself. Cherry I dropped the phone. His voice sent chills to my body. I wonder why I couldn’t tell him the reason why I called . I should have said that,” I called you because I miss you”. Fuck! I lost that good opportunity. I really can’t get my mind off Jason. It is really getting me pissed off. He makes me feel special. I wonder why he hasn’t proposed yet. Why doesn’t he want to define our relationship? Everybody thinks of us as a couple. We kept mute about it but we know it is not true. Maybe he sees me as only his best friend . Deep down, it might sound greedy but I want more than a best friend . I am not really sure of what I want. I like him a lot but what exactly do I expect from him whereas he shows me great care? I wonder what it is. Alarm went off.Oh my! It is past 11pm. I have been thinking for over an hour. Jeez! I got a quiz tomorrow. Where is my psychology textbook? I got to read now. Jason It was morning. I felt so reluctant to go to school. This feeling is unusual especially for a Monday morning. I got quiz this morning. I barely read last night. Cherry filled my thoughts throughout the night. It was a nice feeling to remember but my psychology is on line. God! What have I done to myself? “Morning”, said Moses my new roommate. His greetings jerked me back to reality. “Morning” , I responded barely noticing him. ”You got quiz today”, he said ”Yes, around 10am ” “Good luck man”, he said as he enters the bathroom. The quiz went pretty well. The thought of meeting up with Jason filled my mind throughout the quiz. Jane bumped into me as usual. She was my closet friend before I met Jason. ” What’s up, babe”, she said . ” I am cool. Hope you wrote well?” “Yea, it was all good. Chez, we really need to talk”,she said. Gosh! I am not interested in a new set of lies. “Can we talk some other time “, I said upon seeing Jason. We parted ways. I felt my heart pace faster upon seeing Jason . It wasn’t the first we met. Why I felt this way, I can’t explain. Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t name our characters . I am not so good at naming except funny names though. I am really eager to know what happened on this great meeting. Why is Cherry so scared or feeling uneasy today. It wasn’t her first time. Maybe something more is about to happen. See you next week for more episodes. In case you got a better title you can comment below . I got none for now .