Episode 1: Exciting stories that are mind blowing

Episode 1

I can remember vividly the day we first met. We did not talk much maybe because we don’t like each other or we didn’t know each other. It was all that smooth talking but it was remarkable. I went home thinking about the kind of person u are. “How do people stay with her? How can two different people last for a long time without quarrels?” Ater thinking, I said to myself that I can be friends with you. That was my decision then.
We just said hi to each other at school. Sometimes, we pretend not to see each other.But, that was all good. We only talked when your friend is having a conversation with me. For real, I didn’t like your perspective about life. This doesn’t depreciate the fact that you are a good person. We are, drank, chatted and school work together few times. Although, these activities didn’t mean much to us then. Little did we know that we were laying a foundation for our love and bond. We didn’t fall in love, our love grew within us unconsciously.
We noticed the bond we had for ourselves when your close friend broke your trust. We began talking a little more. We chatted often, called each other on phone, visited each other and did a lot of crazy stuff together. It was and still fun. I said to myself, ” you can be only friend a friend to me”. Little did I know that you thought the same. People talked about us as the newest in school. Some were jealous of our friendship because of how true it was . My friends said a lot of stuffs about you. They said that we won’t last long. Some said, ” their personalities didn’t match at all”. We knew that we are different from the normal far beyond their understanding. Their talks made our love and bond stronger. We began to look like each other not in character but facially. Some think we are twins.” But , really do we look alike that’s the question that runs their my mind all the time” . It doesn’t matter though.

See you next week for more episodes. Love you guys.

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